Criteria for a Blended Classroom

A blended classroom should ...
A blended classroom
should not have...
Look like
  • a trained teacher
  • clear learning targets posted
  • well managed
  • collaboration online and face-to-face
  • student-centered approach
  • methods to gather formative assessment data online or F2F
  • some videotaped lectures or demonstrations
  • students know what to do when the teacher is away (a syllabus or guide with a calendar)
  • planning for all students to be engaged
  • regular, personalized contact between teacher and students
  • students are prepared for class by interacting with material ahead of time
  • chaos
  • off-task students
  • one delivery method
  • one assessment approach
  • one teaching style
  • little interaction with the teacher
  • poorly functioning equipment
  • teacher-centered approach
Sound like
  • on-task discussion
  • asking the teacher questions
  • dialogue and/or discussions in class
  • lectures that are taped and shorter than you would hear face-to-face

Here are samples of classroom situations. Using the above criteria, which could be described as blended classrooms? I realize that still pictures cannot tell the full story so you are welcome to speculate on what could be going on there.

Sample A: This picture comes from the University of Birmingham and is identified as a blended learning example. Would you agree?

Sample B: Play the video below. It is entitled "The Flipped Classroom" and was posted on YouTube by Jonathan Bergmann.

Sample C Look at what the boy and girl are doing in the picture.