What does Blended look like (or sound like)?

These resources are intended to give you a window into a blended classroom.

Sample 1 - Blended classrooms consider when students are acquiring information and then working collaboratively with that material. You must consider when the learning is synchronous and when it is asynchronous.
Blended Learning: How-to Incorporate E-learning in a Blended Classroom Model on YouTube

Sample 2 - By flipping the classroom, material can be delivered using a variety of media (10% of time) and then the majority of the time (90%) is spent on collaborative higher level thinking. Katie Gimbar - Flipping the Classroom - Blended Classroom Why I Flipped my Classroom Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom - why it has to be me! on YouTube

Sample 3 - Blended classrooms have an online and a face-to-face component, as demonstrated in this article about high schools.
Watson, J. (2008?) Blended learning: The convergence of online and face-to-face education. Vienna, VA: NACOL.

Sample 4 - There are many models for blended learning.
EdTalks video: A blended approach to learning.

Sample 5 - A popular new approach is flipping the class.
Check out The Active Class Blog along with the ning, Flipped Learning Network. These sites will really get you thinking!

Sample 6: What educational discussion would be complete without a TED talk presentation?
Salman Khan, (author of the Flipped Classroom) is featured in this 2011 talk.