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What is a blended classroom?
When I think of a blended classroom, these are some of the terms that come to mind. I arranged the ideas in a wordle.
What are three key terms that you would use to describe blended classrooms? Think of these terms as your tags for the topic and post them in the discussion section for this page.


To learn more about blended classrooms, please check out Blended Learning in K-12/Why is Blended Learning Important?
When I read this article, it is evident to me that my area of focus is on blended delivery. I am probably going to have to edit this wordle as this wiki grows. Would you keep the same tags after reading the above article

A very straight-forward explanation is given in 7 Reasons Why Blended Learning Makes Sense by Michael Spencer. Written in 2010, the author mentions a particular platform called Edmodo that is taking off in the schools that I work with. Check it out.

Various conversations about blended classrooms (Fall 2011) follow.

The following podcast is a conversation with my classmate, Paul, about blended learning. The original videochat over Skype has been edited using Audacity. The following podcast is the result.

The following videochat was recorded on Skype with my classmate, Kerwin. It is embedded as a widget.